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Winter Solstice

Last December Paola has had the honor of being part of one of the biggest musical celebration of the world as part of the Pletenitsa Balkan Choir.

The group has been the Guest Star of the "Winter Solstice" directed by Paul Winter. This incredible event every year, since 38 years ago, celebrates the spirit of the holidays within the extraordinary acoustics of New York’s greatest Cathedral. This multi-media event features musicians, vocalists and the 25 dancers and drummers of the Forces of Nature Dance Theatre. A dazzling extravaganza of music and dance, these performances offer a contemporary take on ancient solstice rituals, when people gathered together on the longest night of the year to welcome the return of the sun and the birth of the new year.

Shreya Ghoshal meets Berklee

In December 2017 the Berklee Indian Ensemble has hosted the number one playback singer and Bollywood superstar Shreya Ghoshal for a sold-out Signature Series performance.  

The concert has been available for a global live stream and it has been an amazing opportunity for singers and musicians from 40 different countries, Sicily included, represented by Paola!

The songs of Angelo Valori



A small rhythm section (drums, acoustic piano, bass, guitar, vocals, and horn) of Berklee teachers and alumni performed the songs of Italian composer Angelo Valori from Pescara, Italy.

Paola has had the immense honor to be the only current student performing with them.

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